An item that is pre-ordered means it is currently not in stock, but is on back order. Items will have an estimated arrival date listed. Any item that is pre-ordered must be prepaid as well. There is a 15% non-refundable charge fee (of the sale item price) for Pre-Order items, that are cancelled upon request of buyer, after placing Pre-Order.

We do not have control over shipment of items nor when we will receive them.

If for any reason the product becomes unavailable, a full refund will be credited back to your account.

We make an effort not to oversell a pre-order / backorder item, but there may be times when we do not receive our entire allocation of a product. When this occurs, we fulfill orders based on the earliest order date through the most recent order. Your order may be cancelled if we are allocated product and cannot fulfill your order.

Manufacturer may also choose to cancel a product line at any time. If a Manufacturer cancels a product line, your order will be cancelled with us as well. Although we may offer an item as a pre-order, we cannot guarantee that this item will be made and are not responsible if the Manufacturer decides to cancel a line.


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