How To Set-Up

All items come with instructions and contents to set-up inflatables.

General Instructions Are:

Remove from packaging and lay out deflated airblown in a clear area.

Secure fan assembly base to ground with stakes provided.

Plug in to electrical outlet.  Most inflatables fully inflate in less than a minute.

Once fully inflated, secure inflatable to ground with tether ropes and stakes provided.

To deflate, just unplug it.


General Description of inflatable:

Made of  light-weight weatherproof nylon.

Has internal lights that illuminate inflatable, unless specified. 

Can be displayed outdoor or indoor, unless specified.

Small, powerful blower keeps airblown inflated, when plugged in.

Uses less energy than a standard string of holiday lights.

Inflatable can be stored in original box when you are through displaying it.

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