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Approximately 6 feet tall.
Picture shown is a front and rear view.
Attach the hands to a gutter to hang.
You will only receive qty 1 item.
The green upper part of the body is made of the same material as as inflatable. It is stuffed with soft material. The navy blue pants feel like jean like material and are stuffed with soft material. The brown boots feel like soft vinyl and are also stuffed will material. The hands are made of cloth and also stuffed with material. The head is also stuffed with material and has Chevy Chase's photo realistic image on the face of the head.The black hat feels similar to a real hat and has a string like attachment with a clip at the end to clip on to the gutter to keep the head lifted up.The hood is rimmed at the top with tan colored soft polyester, just like a real hood. This item is not an inflatable. It is nicely made by Gemmy and gives the appearance that it is air filled, but is not. The weight of the item is about 5 lbs. It is not powered with a outlet plug. It requires 4 AA batteries (not included) to light up the attached light string. There is a timer position setting that will keep the light string on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours automatically each day, or you can position the switch to keep the lights on or off continually. There are no lights inside the item. There are 3 plastic clips on each hand to attach to gutter. It appears it is designed to hang with his face towards the gutter. Since there is no power outlet required, it can be mounted any where you can attach it to something 7 feet or more off the ground that will support the item being hung. The box is large because it comes fully assembled and that is why the shipping cost is high.

Item is brand new. It can be displayed indoor and outdoor.

Simple 1, 2, 3, set-up!

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